Countdown To Disney

What happens when you can't find your Countdown? You make a new one! We had a big Disney milestone in the past week. We hit the 60 day mark! Why is it so important? If you stay on Disney property, you get to choose your Fastpasses. I'm not sure if it's the same for everyone, … Continue reading Countdown To Disney


Decorating Our New Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Albums

My boys(my oldest son especially) love playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. As soon as we get to the Magic Kingdom, the first thing he wants to do is get his daily pack of cards on Main Street USA. It just blows me away at how much money people sell these cards for. If you're … Continue reading Decorating Our New Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Albums

DIY Disney Iron On Shirts

Let me start by saying that these are the first iron-on shirts that I have ever made. I've had the shirts laid out on my desk and the vinyl sitting next to it for about a month or two. But, I was so afraid of messing up, so I kept putting it off. However, this … Continue reading DIY Disney Iron On Shirts

Free Disney Printables

There is no better way to keep your kids (and adults!) busy than with a coloring book and a box of crayons. Only Coloring Pages has some great pages that you can print from your computer. They are perfect for car trips, plane rides, or just a day at home when the kids are bored. Click … Continue reading Free Disney Printables

Easy DIY Disney Necklaces That Won’t Break The Bank

I've been looking for some cute accessories to wear on our next Disney trip, but everything I liked has either been too expensive or it looks like it's made for a child to wear. I wanted something different. Whenever I go to Hobby Lobby, whether it's intentional or not, I always seem to end up … Continue reading Easy DIY Disney Necklaces That Won’t Break The Bank

DIY Travel Toothbrush Holders

Even after all the trips we've gone on lately, we were still using Ziplock bags to carry our toothbrushes in. I don't know what has taken us so long. It's not like they're expensive. We just didn't have any. Recently, I was in the Dollar store to get some posterboard for my son's school project … Continue reading DIY Travel Toothbrush Holders

What Do You Do With All Those Trading Pins When You Get Home?

Did you know that March is National Craft Month? How did I not know this before? I love crafts, DIY projects, upcycling...basically anything artsy-craftsy. So, when I was thinking of what to do with the pins that we have collected, it just seemed natural that I would make something. And you will not believe what … Continue reading What Do You Do With All Those Trading Pins When You Get Home?

How I Keep My Kids’ Bathroom Counter Clean(er)

I may have an unhealthy obsession with Mason Jars. I drink out of them, I make banks out of them, AND I use them to keep toothpaste out of my bathroom sinks (hopefully). I was tired of constantly cleaning up toothpaste that my kids left on the counter top because their electric toothbrushes wouldn't fit … Continue reading How I Keep My Kids’ Bathroom Counter Clean(er)

Disney Mason Jar Bank

One way that I like to save a little extra spending money is to keep my change. After awhile, I will roll what I have and take it to the bank. Then I use the money to buy a Disney Gift Card. I don't count change as a part of my budget, so I don't miss … Continue reading Disney Mason Jar Bank

My All-Time Favorite Souvenir…And It’s FREE

I'm pretty sure I drive my kids crazy. Whenever we go anywhere or do anything fun, I have to pull out my camera and start taking pictures of my boys. I can't help it. I'm a mom! So, it really should be no surprise that photos would have to be my favorite souvenir. Growing up, … Continue reading My All-Time Favorite Souvenir…And It’s FREE