Never Pay For Overweight Luggage Again!

If you are planning to fly anywhere, I highly recommend having a handy travel weight like this Luggage Hanging Scale.

After one of my trips back home and realizing I was taking more back to Houston than I had taken to NY because the boys found some toys that they had left behind at Meema and Peepa’s house that they HAD to bring back with them, I realized how handy these are. Luckily, my dad had one in his basement he let me use while I was packing up to leave.

Never again will I be standing in the airport, transporting items between suitcases, in order to get my luggage under 50 lbs. Yes, I have done that before!

Now, I love knowing that my bags are all within weight before getting to the airport. And this seems easier to me than standing on my home scale, holding my luggage, while trying to subtract in my head. It wouldn’t be a good look for me.


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